Antarctica & So. America Part 1

While in Cergy in the summer of 2013, we met an Australian couple who had come over from the sailing portion of boating. She and Lisa started going to Brocantes together. During that time she spoke of “her trip of a life-time” which was a gift for her 60th birthday…Antarctica. That’s all that was needed to get the bee in Lisa’s bonnet. We had spoken of it a number of times, but never really made the effort to research our options. An opportunity opened for an 18-night sailing on the Crystal Symphony departing on the 21st of December. We had only just finished unpacking our bags from France, and we needed to make the decision whether to grab it or not. Concerns such as flying standby to South America with a firm departure date from Buenos Aires, as well as the fact that this was peak holiday travel time kept nagging at us. But, in the end we decided to “go for it”. We’d just leave as early as we needed to enable us to get seats on standby to Buenos Aires. Additionally, since we had traveled such a distance we should tack on any other additional excursions after the cruise.

We ended up leaving one week in advance. Overnighting in Los Angeles so we could take the 5:00am departure to Miami. And overnighting in Miami so we could take the early flight from Miami to Buenos Aires that was more available. The cruise ended in Valparaiso, Chile and so we decided to do an excursion to Mendoza because of our love of the Malbec wines we drank whenever we could in France.

Here’s the ships itinerary:

Crystal Symphony Itinerary

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We ended up being away for a month. The experience even years later is one of the highlights of our life and one will never forget or, for that matter, top.