2015 Gerardin Birthday Gathering

Our second Annual Gerardin Birthday Gathering was a tremendous success!

It was also an Open house as the majority of the family had not seen our new digs. We promise this will be the last move to then have an “open house” forever!

We call it the Gerardin Birthday Gathering as there are 7 family members that celebrate August and September birthdays.
Axl:             August 16th
Guy:           August 18th
Micaela:     September 2nd
Stevie:       September 8th
Shannon:   September 21st
Lisa:           September 21st
Michael:     September 23rd
Welcome to our newest member of the Gerardin birthday celebration was Axl. Yeah!

There were 3 generations of Gerardins from age 11 months (Aubrey was yet to be born) to 78.

It was so fun watching the 6 of the youngest generation play together. Little Beau took an instant liking to Jagger and chased him around in circles the entire day. Little Aubrey crawling around after Nia.

The weather was perfect, the food easy and prepared in advance so I could visit also. Joe did a great job on the BBQ with the Flat Irons. Shannon made her incredibly delicious and beautiful cup cakes, and of course there was plenty of Pliny and other breweries plus wine for all.

Thank you everyone for making the effort to come and participate in this incredibly fun gathering.
We are looking forward to next year.