2017 had two major events in our life. 
One was the Tubbs fire on the 9th of October, that forced us to evacuate our home for 10 days. Once again, proximity to our family because of our move to northern California came to play. We split our evacuation time between Michael & Nancy’s house in San Anselmo and Stevie & Gerry’s house in Richmond. Since we thought we’d only be gone for a day or so we brought minimal clothing and a few key items (hard drives and passports). In hindsight we could easily have filled our car with much more but didn’t understand – or couldn’t imagine – that we’d be evacuated for so many days. We spent the 10 days glued to the TV and internet for news if our house was still standing. So many contingent plans were considered during those days. We were so fortune our house was safe AND that we were allowed back in to our house the day prior to our scheduled departure date for our trip. We had just enough time to throw everything from our freezers and fridge in the garbage, grab our suitcases and clothes we thought we’d need for our trip, and return to Stevie & Gerry’s house to pack for our departure the next day. 

The other major event was our 30 day Around the World trip that we had been planning for close to a year. 

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