Beagle Canal to Punta Arenas

We departed Ushuaia and cruised the Beagle Canal with it’s spectacular views of glaciers.

The region of the Beagle Canal, explored by Robert FitzRoy in the 1830s, was one of the last to be colonized by Chile and Argentina. The cold weather, the long distances from other inhabited regions, and the shortage of transport and subsistence, kept it far from the governmental task. This was the reason there was no agreement about the Sovereignty over Patagonia and archipelago of Tierra del Fuego before the Boundary treaty of 1881 between Chile and Argentina.

The weather turned cold, windy and rainy, so we could only spend short periods of time on deck photographing the spectacular scenery. Remember, it stayed light until late as this was “summer” in the southern hemisphere. By evening the sun was breaking through a little, giving us hope that tomorrow when we arrived in Punta Arenas we might have a chance of doing our hike in less wet weather. Note the word “less wet”, as surprisingly to us the Chilean coast was constantly damp and cloudy.