Day 1 Antarctic Peninsula

Navigation Chart for Day 1 Antarctica:
Day 1 course

We made it! 
This morning we arrived at Elephant island in blowing snow, fog and winds so strong you can hardly go outside. And we considered an expedition itinerary? Hah! 
This is adventurous and as subject to the cold as we’d like.

The Drakes passage did not disappoint (unfortunately for me the first night) seas were only 10-12 feet but it was the winds…. 9 on the Beaufort scale about 50 kts. But the ship and the Gerardins did just fine yesterday thanks to Meclyzine.  

A little video looking on to our verandah during the crossing:
Drakes Passage verandah



[…] after citing Elephant Island we cruised along the coastline and across to King George Island and in to Admiralty Bay where we did a slow entrance and a 180 with incredible vistas. 
Ever on the search for whales…
We saw a huge penguin colony on the shore and all along the beach area. 

By the afternoon the wind and blowing sleet/rain/snow gave way to blue skies and bright sunshine! Good thing we were in the digital camera age as we’d have run out of film in a few hours. The scenery was indescribable. And to be honest the few photos we’ve selected out of the hundreds we took can’t even scratch the surface of this trip of a lifetime.