Day 3 Antarctic Peninsula

Day 3 found us in the Gerlache straights to the Neumeyer Channel and on to the final destination of Palmer Island.

Since we didn’t want to miss a minute, we set our alarm for 4 am — the sun was already up (see header photo).
Breakfast at 6
Dawn from verandah
We ordered breakfast delivered to our room at 6am.
This assured us of our necessary caffeine.
We were going to need it!
Day 3 was different from the previous one as there was little to no wildlife. Oh sure, there was a Minke whale from time to time, but nothing as spectacular or frequent as the previous day. But the scenery! We’ve uploaded some new photos and videos just trying to give you an idea of the spectacular scenes.


By afternoon we arrived at Palmer research station and where we welcomed a group of scientists who work there. They feasted on lunch onboard and gave a presentation.
Palmer Island Scientists


The ship cruised to the mouth of the Lemaire Channel, which is really spectacular but it’s too narrow and freezes closed too quickly for the likes of this ship. Because the Lemaire Channel was supposed to be so spectacular and one of the places that all expedition itineraries land people, we chose to miss the scientists lecture and take in the views. The ship rebroadcasts all lectures on the cabin TVs.

Enjoy videos of the Lemaire Channel:

Photo Gallery of Scenery:

We returned to Palmer Island and dropped the scientists and headed back down the channel with ice bergs everywhere and finally headed out to the Drakes Passage for our 36 hour journey to Cape Horn. It wasn’t too bad but being so far forward on the ship we did feel the seas more than others. Again we were told how fortunate we were with the weather.