Final Days onboard

We indulged in eating at Prego twice in the last 3 nights onboard. It had definitely become our favorite eating spot. The food AND service was excellent. The smaller venue was also a high point for us. The staff were super to us always making sure we could get a primo table next to the window.

DotsThe weather turned warmer the further north we cruised towards our final destination of Valparaiso, Chile. The pool furniture was put out again, we were able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine once again on our verandah.

We stopped in Puerto Montt for the day… a relatively unimpressive little town around a lake in the volcano district.

Reflections during the final days:
Chris Fallows and his wife Monique were guests onboard the Symphony. You would know him from his famous photograph of the great white shark up in the air with a seal in his jaws that was on the cover of National Geographic (I think). He gave a number of excellent lectures during the cruise. His last one today was a photographic journal/summary of the whole cruise. SO wonderful! Actually there were a number of mornings I remember us being out on deck photographing and he too was there with all his lenses and gear. Particularly the morning in the Antarctic Sound with the Minkie whales. There were so few people out on the decks taking advantage of this rare sight. Monique wrote a wonderful BLOG of the trip.

Also, we are both pinching ourselves at how incredibly lucky we were with the weather we had for the most important parts, the Drakes Passage twice and 3 days in Antarctica.
Though Chile has been interesting, and the trek and glaciers a real high point of here, the weather made it less enjoyable than it could have been.
And now we are ready to disembark from this wonderful 6* vessel that has been our luxurious home for the past 18 nights. It’s been great and the scenery has been amazing, but excess …in drinking and eating.

Getting to our rental car at the port of Valparaiso and back to Argentina and the Malbec wine area of Malbec will be our next adventure.

Little did we know the high adventure that was in store for us!