Japan – Cruise Part 8 – Yokohama

We returned early Friday morning to the Port of Yokohama…
our embarkation point.
Mt. Fuji showed herself to us for one last time. 

We stayed overnight on the ship and would disembark on Saturday morning for our flight home on ANA from Narita to San Francisco. 

We took the local bus from the Yokohama bus terminal and traveled about 30 minutes to Sankeien Gardens. A very wealthy silk merchant built his home in this 42 acre park. In 1906 he opened his garden to the public. He had collected historical buildings (pagodas, tea houses and homes) from all around Japan and relocated them in his gardens.

One of the most famous ones was the 3-story pagoda from Kyoto that was relocated to the top of a hill overlooking the garden. There was a beautiful bamboo lined pathway leading up to the top of the hill. 

There was only one house interior that was open to the public. It had a view of the water. 

As in so many of the gardens and temples that we had visited in our time in Japan, there were many people dressed in their finest with professional photographers and crew. This was a newlywed couple. 

We wandered the grounds for over two hours. Not only admiring the buildings and scenery but also how beautifully pruned and maintained everything was. Many trees had already lost their leaves but the vibrant fall colors from the Japanese Maples were still a few weeks away.

It was such a tranquil place with its ponds, streams, bridges and walkways. 

Saying Konnichiwa and bowing for one of the last times. 
It was a wonderful way to spend our last day in Japan.

View of Yokohama harbor on our last night

Sayōnara Japan it was a wonderful trip,
even with the two typhoons in a week!