Japan – Cruise Part 3 – Kochi

Yet another typhoon is effecting our trip so in contrast to yesterday in Kobe, today was Kochi in the pouring rain. We took the ships shuttle bus to the town center and wandered down the shop-lined walking street to the Hirome food hall for lunch and a beer. Obviously, you can tell from the photos there was no english here so it was an adventure finding something that we felt comfortable ordering to eat. We ended up with fabulous gyozas and a massive size cold Asahi beer. Couldn’t have been better! 

We wandered, (more like paddled), over to the Kochi Castle but didn’t go to the Chikuinji Temple because of the inclement weather. 

We are discovering new places on this ship every day. This is an outdoor theatre that we stumbled upon. Which was right next to the basketball court. In good weather the outdoor theatre was quite popular. 

We hit the martini bar early tonight as the captain announced the 2nd typhoon was going to effect us. He advised us that our next (highly anticipated and planned) port of Hiroshima would be closed and the ship would not be allowed to come in. He announced that we would be backtracking to Kobe over night to spend from 1:30pm -10:00pm there the following day. There were two issues for the cruise ship: 1) finding a port that would allow us to moor so the passengers could get off. (We found out later that a couple of cruise ships had to anchor in Kobe bay as there wasn’t any dock space. So we had to consider ourselves lucky). The 2nd was that we had to return to a port that could check the ship and its passengers out of Japan for our next stop in Korea. We would arrive one day late in Pusan, Korea as the typhoon was forecast to pass over Pusan the previous day. 😞😩🍸🍸🍸

Next post return to Kobe…