Japan – Cruise Part 4 – Kobe

We took advantage of the additional time back in Kobe to visit the Nunob’ki herb garden located on Mount Rokkō above Kobe. We didn’t have enough time the last time and also, it was raining. Again it was a beautiful day with skies  that looked like they were painted. It was hard to imagine that there was another typhoon descending upon the island of Japan. The gondola ride afforded spectacular views both ways. If you looked closely you could see the ship at the pier. 

The views from the top were incredible. Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens are Japan’s largest herb gardens with around 75,000 herbs and flowers of about 200 kinds blooming throughout the year. There are 12 extensive garden areas where visitors are welcomed by seasonal herbs and flowers arranged according to different themes. The picturesque paths guides one from the upper to the middle ropeway station follows flowerbeds with little areas for one to sit (even some hammocks) down the side of the hill, overflowing with the color and fragrance of each season. We enjoyed the peaceful ambiance of the gardens and caught one of the last gondolas down prior to closing. Delightful. A real highlight of our (re)visit to Kobe!

A well deserved stop at the Martini Bar was in order and the bartender made me his “special 🍸” he called the Happy Lady. Which we were, as the Captain advised us of our revised itinerary. We would be arriving in Busan, Korea one day late as the typhoon was passing through there the day prior. Then, instead of heading north and stopping at 2 northern ports, we would be heading back around the south to Nagasaki and after that stopping at Mt Fuji before returning to Yokohama. It was pretty good news as Nagasaki has peace and memorial museums like Hiroshima and we would just miss Miyajima island with its UNESCO shrine. Since we were ending up visiting Mt. Fuji, our tour we booked was reinstated, which really made us happy!

Next stop Busan, Korea…