Finally it’s Amiens!

Finally the long awaited day has arrived.

I wanted to leave by 5:30 which would put us in to Amiens around 7:00.
It was very easy to get up at 4:45 as I didn’t sleep a wink.
I felt like a child on Christmas eve.

When we arrived at 7:10, the parking at the Hotel de Ville was full.
It was damp, cloudy and cold and dawn was casting it’s first light.


IMG_0259How could I possibly be smiling at this time of the morning?

IMG_0260We were hunting by 7:30.

Some really wonderful things, and loads and loads of people.
Vendors were a little more inclined to ask higher than normal prices for their items and not bargain because of the large percentage of foreigners (guess you could say that includes me). But regardless, I found a lot of little treasures, for a little more money than I would normally pay. And the people! truly each time we’d turn down another street all you could see was river of people’s heads in the middle and stands on either side.

We were non-stop until 5:00pm until
our legs couldn’t carry us any further,
our arms couldn’t carry any more treasures,
and the vendors were starting to pack up.

Here’s just a small sampling of todays finds:

The Build up to Amiens…

The last Sunday of April and the first Sunday of October is the huge brocante at Amiens.

It’s touted as 2nd to Lille and over 80,000 people attend the event.

Patty is the lady that introduced me to this addiction of mine.
She and her husband Don have their barge in Toul.
It took her all of about two seconds to say “yes”, when
I asked her if she would be interested in going with me this year.

Patty and Don arrived on Thursday and we spent the day in Paris.


One of our first stops when we return to Paris is L’as de Fallafel.


Left Fallafel and on the right Schwarma. Yum!

Then of course Georges Larnicol for our Kouginette fix.


Unfortunately, the sac didn’t remain closed until we returned home…


They made it only until the train ride home from Gare Saint Lazare.


Opening Day Report…

The last two mornings I’ve been unable
to get out of bed before 9am.
Amazing that a day out at the Brocantes
made it very easy to get out of bed early.

I had planned two today,
Beauchamp and Courdimanche.
Courdimanche has usually
been a disapointment for me
as it’s mostly clothing and childrens toys.
Today was no different.

I parked and walked briskly in the direction
of what I thought would be the Brocante.


The starting line for my 2013 season!

Normally I am very uncomfortable in crowds.


Not here!

Here’s a sampling of my treasures I found today in Beauchamp, Val d’Oise.

Back onboard JoLi’

We are back in France.
JoLi’ spent another uneventful (read: no traumas) winter.

Our first dinner was one of our favorites…
Donner Kebab with lots of sauce blanche, frites
and a wonderful French Cahors.

Donner Kebab


Ready to go…

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go.
I took this photo as this trip was a historic one for us …
1 large duffle bag when we usually carry two
with just a small little one for the overflow.

Bags are packed

… and we’ve had our last mexican meal at our favorite eatery.

Ventura Markets

We will be returning to France in less than 12 days.

I have enjoyed discovering the local markets in our area this winter, whether it be the Farmers Market packed full of wonderful fresh veggie, the weekly Wednesday Flea Market at the Ventura County Fairgrounds or the recently discovered Topanga Vintage Market.


It’s been a wonderful winter.