In My GPS I Trust!

Another long day for me with not much result.
300 kms and 2 medium size, so-so brocantes.
So glad I had my trusty GPS guiding me as I would never have found this places without it.

Won’t be going this far afield even if I suffer from withdrawals.

First stop of the day was Villers Bretonneux.
It was about 80 minutes from me and due east of Amiens.

I was really pleased to find a Villeroy & Boch Babar childrens set.







After looking around on the internet, I get the feeling this set is quite rare.
We have a couple on our dock that always watch our boat, that have the cutest little 15 month old boy. It made for a lovely little gift for him.

I found this Emile Henry terrine in this very traditional light creamy brown color.

This high point of this brocante was the 2 kilos of freshly picked cherries!

It was then a little further south and east to the village of Conchy Les Pots.

Got this medium size gamelle in pretty good condition.

Guess after reading this, you can well understand why I’ll not be going so far for so little…

Next one up … I’m considering one on the 15th of August, Assumption Day.


July 21st, 200 kilometers and 3 brocantes

This was a lot of kilometers for me to travel in one day for small-medium size brocantes.
Temperatures have been high for France.
But fueled with treasures yet to be found I was off early to try to try and beat the heat as best as I could.

First stop, Méru à Lardières:
This little village is an extension of Méru, north by 2kms.

After there it was off to La Houssoye
Sweet little village with easy parking and I got some great fruit at the same time!
Fresh picked cherries & nectarines for 2 euros/kilo!
Glad I had my cooler in the trunk to keep them cool.
Finds from this village:

Then it was off for a long drive of over 1 hr to Cierrey in the Eure.
I’d been there before…
actually got a pretty hefty speeding ticket from radar
… thank you very much!
By the time I arrived it was the end of a very long hot, day.





This event went for two days Saturday and Sunday.
I definitely got the feeling that by Sunday afternoon when I arrived all the vendors were ready to go home.
They were “cooked”, “toasted”, done…
The few bits I found:



Back brocanting…14th of July

We returned back to Cergy on Tuesday afternoon the 9th of July.
Due to the yard delay, I unfortunately missed the last big brocante in the area before the summer break — Grandvilliers.

Since it’s now kind of summer break for brocantes in my area, I’ll have to drive further out in to the countryside to find brocantes during the month of July. August, I’ll probably be out of luck and will have to wait until September when they start up again.

The weather’s been truly summer-like recently. A double treat for me… to be out again going to brocantes and to have good weather. The fields of grain were waiting to be harvested instead of filled with the bright yellow flowers of the rapeseed. I have absolute faith in my trusty TomTom GPS and was treated to incredible scenery as our little VW Golf carried me down one country road to another on my way to my first stop.

Bonnieres sur Seine was my first brocante. I’d never been there so I studied the Google map carefully looking for options for parking. The brocantes are usually easy to locate. Parking nearby is not! After looking at the map, I saw that the train station had 2 parking lots. On one side it was a block from the brocante. On the other side where you just had to walk through the underpass and two blocks further was a huge lot.

Primo parking space with a view!

Primo parking space with a view!

My finds from Bonnieres:

Next it was on to Gasny. A pretty little village near Monet’s Gardens at Giverny.

Bridge crossing the Ept river at the beginning of the village.

Bridge crossing the Ept river at the beginning of the village.

Now I have seen dogs in baby carriages, in little carry bags, but this is a first for me.

Now I have seen dogs in baby carriages, in little carry bags, but this is a first for me.

Not much from Gasny this year:

My final stop was further west in the Eure at Notre Dame de L’isle.
The brocante is held along the grassy banks of the Seine, making for a lovely venue.

Since it was the last one in the day, my guess is that many people had already packed up and gone home because of the heat.
The few things I found were: