Not a GPS kind of day…

I had decided to make this one effort to appease my withdrawal pains of no brocantes during the month of August by traveling about 80 minutes into the department of the Eure to a brocante that was written up by one of my brocante blogs I follow.

She described Le Vaudreuil as a pretty village on the edge of the Seine.
Sounded like if I got skunked at least it would be a pretty venue.

Now, I need to declare that all the difficulties I encountered weren’t entirely the GPS’s fault.

On the way there towards the end of the 80 minute journey, I came upon a bridge that crossed the river Seine that was closed for construction. The detour required me to backtrack 20 kilometers to get to the next bridge to making the crossing.
… Remember 20 kilometers backwards to get to an open bridge required that I travel 20 kilometers more once I reached the other side!

Normally, as the GPS indicates I was approaching the village, I would see signs along the roadside advertising the Brocante.
None were out.
Another clue… No cars parked every which way on the streets and side walks.
Oh, oh, nothing after all this journey?
I drove round and round the streets looking for the usual clues of a Brocante.
Nothing…not even people.
Just as I was about to give up and go home… Hark!
Cars parked on the sidewalk.

Ah, here it is!

Ah, here it is!

I would treasure hunt today after all.

Here are my finds of the day:

Now for my return journey. Because of the bridge closure I selected to travel on the autoroute (toll road). The GPS passed one of my normal exits that it routes me on, and I thought oh, it’s taking me to the other one.

It was indeed. But the only problem was that they had changed the exit location to 850 meters before where my GPS, which hadn’t been updated, indicated. Whoosh, my last chance before Paris Peripherique flew by. And to add very coarse sea salt into my angry wound I had to pay 8.10€ in extra unnecessary toll to get off!


Moral of the day: Be patient and wait until September Brocante season opening, and double check the route that the GPS calculates before blindly heading out.