Etsy It Is!

After the vide-grenier chez-nous, I turned to planning the sale of my French treasures.
I am so pleased to have the diversity and quantity that I have.

In an attempt to keep my pricing down, I have decided to give Etsy a go. I’ll be selling some of our personal items on eBay as they’re not “vintage” (20 years or older) that we no longer use, but pretty much everything else is going to be put up in my Etsy store. We’ll see how it goes. Etsy allows me to put my items up for 4 months or whenever it sells so this is much more attractive for me at the moment. In the past there’s been such pressure selling on eBay as it was usually in one week increments and then everything ended at once and you had to deal with masses of shipping plus re-listing items that didn’t sell, or new ones to keep my “other items” list full enough to draw sufficient buyers.

It will be a new learning curve for me, but I think it will work out best for everyone.

So, for the moment, I’m photographing and compiling my listings so when I do open (read: stock) my Etsy store, I’ll have a great selection for everyone.

In the meantime, those of you that are interested in getting a sneak preview of what my 2013 brocante circuit has in store for you, scroll through my posts from April 2013 and preview some of my items that will be for sale. On the right hand side of the post is a section called Archives. Click on the month and year and scroll away. I went treasuring hunting pretty much every weekend in 2013 so there’s lots and lots of goodies for all.

If you fall upon something that you simply must, must have send me an email or enter a comment in the post where the photo is and I’ll give you more information on the item.

Brocante at home!

I had done a garage sale with a couple of our neighbors here a few years ago. It was really fun. In an effort to clear out excess “stuff” that we hadn’t used in years I asked her if she’d be interested in doing another. This time everyone in our “pod” participated, and one couple from another unit did too.

It was chaotic, but brought back such memories of France. Though to be honest, this was truly a Vide Grenier (emptying your attic), not a brocante! We pulled out all kinds of “stuff”…and so did our neighbors. It turned out to be huge! We advertised on Craig’s List and in the local paper, and set the hours from 7am-11am only.

We posted the standard “No early-birds”, knowing full well that early birds can’t read. But we got them. As in the past, we strung a rope across our courtyard entrance and hung signs saying “No Admittance before 7am”. One of these photos shows the line up on the other side of the rope at 6:15am! To keep them entertained we lined either side of the drive with boxes of “FREE take me” stuff, as well as old televisions. By 11am all the FREE stuff, including 5 TVs was g-o-n-e! So glad we only ran it until 11am. There was a steady flow of people the whole time.

Was it a success?
Not money-wise as everything went for nickels and dimes, maybe a dollar or two.
Whatever didn’t go, we loaded in to our Volvo at noontime and drove it to the donation center.

Was it exhausting but loads of fun?
You bet it was!

Quick trip to France

Due to the weather, we decided it would be an “out-and-back” to hand over JoLi’ Folie to the new Australian owners. There wasn’t even a weekend to dab my foot in to a brocante.

We did enjoy a couple of wonderful meals at some of our favorite bistros and one new one that we just loved!

We had a 2-1/2 hour leisurely lunch prior to the departure of the Eurostar to take us back to the UK at the Terminus Nord.

But before we knew it, literally, we were headed home from Europe!

The good part is that I was able to pack all that was left of my 2013 brocante purchases in our luggage to bring home.
All that’s left in our friends loft in the UK is one metal advertising sign and some personal effects…art books, a couple of DeBuyer pots, and such.

I spent the next couple of weeks unpacking checking in the items. Not a single item broke. So I have all my treasures now in one place ready to advertise and sell.