Selling has started

Well more excuses for anyone following me, but they’re all true.

Between July 29th and September 4th, we decided to relocate to northern California. We found a house to rent. Went home and put our house on the market. We were in escrow in 7 days. The 10 day escrow closed on the 2nd of September as we drove the moving truck out our driveway in southern California.

All my brocante treasures were carefully packed and it is only now that I have finally had time to unpack and sort them for sale.

ETSY is THE place for selling anything that I have that is 20 years or older. Much less in expensive fees in addition to being able to list the items until they sell for 4 month periods.

So I’ve sorted out my items that are not “vintage” and have started selling on eBay. You can view my listings here lgerardn | eBay So if any of you are waiting for my items, you might want to check the above link from time to time.

I’ll add a posting here on the blog when I start adding items to my ETSY shop.