Petaluma Antique Faire


Yikes! Where does time go?!

After two very successful months selling on eBay I decided to take a break.
Though it was super fun to reconnect with previous clients and make new ones, my sales became too consuming of my time. There were so many other activities that were calling us in our new location… Lecture series, hiking, trying new restaurants and breweries and of course, treasure hunting.

There is a flea market every Sunday in our area, but it’s real hit-and-miss.
Of course, when my Sherpa comes, it’s a “must do” event! ūüôā

What I’ve discovered as the “treasure-hunting thing” in our area is Estate Sales.
Some are a stretch of the term and should really be called garage or yard sales, but that only makes me think of France with the use of their words Brocante vs Vide Grenier.
Technically, the word Brocante signifies antique or vintage sales and a Vide Grenier literally means empty the attic which is more akin to the garage or yard sales here in the U.S. But, like in France, you have to view a lot of vendors (professional or individuals) stands before you find one little treasure. I’ve actually had some pretty good luck recently including La Roch√®re glasses and a set of Villeroy Boch restaurant plates!

But I’ve gotten off the topic of this post‚Ķ

Petaluma Antique Faire - 02

The Petaluma Antique Faire¬†is held twice a year ¬†Once in April and once in September. It has grown quite large and takes up a good portion of the downtown area making me have the feeling of going to a village brocante in France. There was a large amount of clever “repurposed” items for sale. These were mostly¬†to display succulents and plants but there were a few vendors whose creations really caught my appreciative eye.¬†

Vendors commented that the Spring Faire is better attended and has more selection than the one in September. Regardless, I thought it was really well attended and well worth the trip.

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Plant stands and succulent storage…

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But the award for the cleverest “repurpose-r” of the faire went to this fellow‚Ķ¬†