Healdsburg Antique Faire

Another new scout opportunity for me.
Healdsburg is such a pretty little place with a traditional plaza.
This antique faire is to benefit the museum and has been held for about a decade.
From what I read the city moved the venue away from the plaza last year and the vendors and attendees were up in arms.

It returned to the plaza this year and was well attended.
Healdsburg Antique Faire

Not really any vendors of note, but fun to wander.

Pick of the Day:  Costeaux Bakery! This place makes mouthwatering pastries and breads.
Made the outing worthwhile.

ummm Costeaux Bakery!

ummm Costeaux Bakery!

Would I go again? Probably not.

Chateau Sonoma French Flea Market

This store, located on the Square in Sonoma hosts this flea market two times a year.

I have to say that today I felt like I was back in France in a village Brocante.
The french music played in the background, and the vendors all had wonderful displays of their wares.

Did I find anything I couldn’t do without? Nah.
Was I disappointed?
As I find as much joy in wandering and taking in all that there is happening as much as purchasing something.

My “Pick of the Day” was the card fed hand cranked organ grinder complete with him singing french tunes in his raspy, oh so typical, smokers voice!
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But, better yet, click on the double arrow on the right edge of the bar below the photo to open in full screen and play.

Would I go again next time?
You bet!

Worried for ETSY…

Well, just when I had thought I had an alternative to the usurious fees of eBay, this comes out…
From SF Gate

It all makes perfect sense and if I was a struggling seller on ETSY I’d be very angry and frustrated.

So, for the moment I think I’ll stick with ‘ole faithful eBay even at the prices I pay.

Sebastopol Antique Society Parking Lot Sale

Being new to the area, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to scout any possible treasure venue.

I had heard of the Antique Society and figured this would be a good opportunity to check it out.
There were about 10 +/- vendors out in the parking lot and then the building with all the consignment sections was open.

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Not really that great except for one vendor inside that’s my Pick of the Day:

Pick of the Day

Pick of the Day






The Chef Collects

The Chef Collects

Would I go back? …probably not, unless it was to buy from my “Pick of the Day”.

First of 2015 40/8 Flea Markets

Ever since we relocated to the area, I’ve heard about the 40/8 Flea markets that occur one Sunday each month from May through September each year. I had heard the flea market benefited the Santa Rosa Junior College Nursing program but wasn’t quite sure how. 

40 and 8 (or by the original name: La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux) turns out to have an interesting history dating back to 1922. The American Legion became involved with 40 and 8‘s goal to support programs that promote child welfare and nurse’s training and started the nurses scholarship program that this event benefits. 

Now that I’ve explained the odd title for the Flea Market I attended today, let’s get on with my report. 

The weekly sunday flea market venue normally starts at 9:00am.

This one started at 7:30am and when I arrived at 8:00 it was packed.

vendors stands were where there is normally parking

vendors stands were where there is normally parking

Vendors stands went the full length of the parking lot and extended behind the Veterans Building. 
There’s plenty of parking on the west side of the veterans building but it was showing signs of being pretty full. The venue was sold out to vendors and I would estimate about 3-4 times more vendors than at the weekly event. 

Loads of "stuff" to rummage through

Loads of “stuff” to rummage through

In no time, my trusty backpack was contentedly feeling the weight of my treasures I found. 

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Looking forward to the next one on June 14th!