Master Bathroom Remodel

It was time for us to start our final project on our house…our master bathroom. The bathroom was really dated and seriously needed complete redoing.

Some of the major changes we made: 
Removed the fluorescent lighting in the ceiling
Replaced the window with a larger one that would bring in much more light
Removed the solid wall where the shower controls were and installed a low pony wall
   this change required relocating the shower controls to the other side of the shower and
   removing the sliding pocket door to install the necessary plumbing
Installed a rimless shower (which required lowering and angling the shower floor)
Installed custom cabinets

It was incredible to see the crew demo the old bathroom in a matter of no time. Light poured in to the bathroom as soon as the full wall where the old shower plumbing was taken down, and the larger window was installed. The rerouting of the plumbing and angling of the floor was a lot of work. A rimless shower doesn’t have the lip that you step over that contains the water from the shower. If the angle of the floor isn’t correct the shower won’t drain properly (read: flood the rest of the bathroom area). 

We ordered the cabinets with enough lead time that we hoped we would be able to move right though the various stages of the project without having to stop. All good plans… The cabinets arrived on time, but many of them were damaged either in shipment or in production and shipped without quality control/inspection taking place. This meant we had to wait another couple of weeks for the replacement cabinet to arrive. When it did, it was damaged worse than the first one! Incredibly frustrating because the delay effected the forward progress of our contractor. Our sales consultant at Friedmans was fantastic and managed to arrange for a repair person to come to the house after everything was installed to perform the repair. 

Eddie & Pepe, the tilers arrived and we lucked out that they could stay on the job and complete all the work without interruption as a job that they were on encountered delays. (Oh yeah for us!) In addition to the rimless shower, we wanted a bench built in the shower area. Once they started the tiling moved along quickly. I had to included the header shot of the two knee pads on the threshold in this post it’s tiler’s speak for “do not enter”. 

Since we removed the pocket door, and a normal door was out of the question design-wise. We chose to install a barn-door style door. We didn’t like the heavy black tracks that are the most common for barn doors. We found a simply track with “soft-closing” mechanisms. Finding the right door for the unit was another challenge, as well as its finish. The track arrived quickly. The door, not so much. It was supposed to be delivered in 2 weeks and ended up taking twice as long. 

The glass shower enclosure couldn’t be measured for fabrication until the tiling was complete. And after it was measured it would be three weeks before installation. So we had more delays. What we originally thought would be a 4 week project ended up taking almost twice that long.