One Last House Project

Ever since we moved in to our house, the backyard had been a major eye-sore for us. All the even square cement pavers covered every inch of the backyard right up to the trunks of the trees and the fences. And to make matters worse over time the roots had lifted some of the tiles to create major trip hazards. 

We first removed the wooden ledge (that served no purpose) along the side of the house. We then started pulling up some of the tiles around the plantings to give them more room and allow for us to add plants. 

Now that the interior was complete, it was time to get serious about the backyard. We had originally thought of doing stamped concrete but the look would be too uniform for our taste. We read about a paver company, Bayside Pavers, that had done some work in our neighborhood and thought we might as well contact them for a bid. Our image of pavers were uniform bricks that really wouldn’t be what we were looking for either. The fabrication of pavers has really evolved in recent years and we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could choose the color and texture of pavers as well as the variety in sizes to create a non-symmetrical design. We chose Basalite Artisan Slate Premier pavers in Torino color. 

Being lovers of curves, we had thought the pavers would have to laid in square edges. To our pleasure we found this wasn’t the case. We were also able to have landings built from the pavers (with curved edges) for each of our sliders to the backyard. 

The entire job was completed in 5 back breaking (for the crew) days. These guys were so strong. They loaded up the wheelbarrows with pavers to their chests. 
This included the removal and hauling away of our nasty old pavers, breaking up the concrete pad infront of our dining room slider,

…digging down, adding sublayers and angling the ground so water drained in to the garden area,

…laying all the pavers with the border and putting sand/grout in between the pavers. 

These pavers have absolutely transformed our backyard.