Pacific NW Hiking and Road Trip – Part 3

Olympic National Park, Washington

Saturday, July 28th
Today was going to be a long day for us. We would drive from Astoria to the western side of the Olympic National Park with a number of stops for short hikes along the way. This would also be the most Tesla-charging challenging leg of our journey. With the multiple stops in the park, and an overnight in Forks, WA, our next Tesla supercharger would be in Sequim, WA. Our calculations indicated we would arrive with around 18-21 miles remaining on the battery. Needless to say we drove very conservatively speed-wise. 

Our first stop in the Olympic National Park was at Ruby Beach as the fog was just starting to lift. 

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach
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From Ruby Beach we moved on to the Hoh Rainforest 18 miles in to the park in supposedly one of the most temperate rainforests on the planet. Obviously we were expecting a damp drenched trail experience. It was none of that at all with warm to actually hot temperatures in the high 70s to 80s. We hiked the Hall of Mosses trail which was drier than we ever imagined. Mosses that normally hung damp from the tree limbs were dry as a bone. The trail has places where they posted interesting information. The roots of the spruce trees were growing out of the decaying downed trees. Eventually the downed tree would turn in to soil and the spruce trees claw-like roots would continue to grow. 

We spent the night at the Miller Tree Inn in Forks, WA. Super welcoming owners and a lovely B&B. It would have been too long of a day to push on to Sequim. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many options for dinner, and we chose a Mexican place that was super busy and I thought had delicious food. 🤢 … until the next morning! I haven’t been that sick in decades. We had planned a couple of short hikes on the way to Sequim but instead we pretty much lost the entire day because of the meal. 

We started our day at 2,900 ft at the top of Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.

We marveled at the fact that it took us 40 minutes in the car to climb up to the very top for our hike. Even at 2,900 ft it was in the 80s and there were lots of people. The hike at Hurricane ridge is a busy, mostly paved, moderately trafficked trail but is a “must do” on the list of trails in the park. Not too terribly strenuous (except for a few short climbs), which was good in my recovering state. The trails were a lot drier and less green than we had expected. Still in this heat there were a couple of little glaciers near the dry dusty trail. The views were well worth the trip. You kind of got the feeling you were in the Alps. 

Our next short hike was to Marymere Falls at Crescent Lake. Locating the trailhead was a little tricky as the parking lot was on one side of the road and you had to cross under the busy road via a tunnel to access the trailhead. The 2 mile hike was much more pleasant with about the same amount of people. 

Tomorrow we cross in to British Columbia and visit Butchart Gardens – Part 4