Pacific NW Hiking and Road Trip – Part 5

Wednesday, August 1st
We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the waterfront before heading to the ferry. This ferry was much more like what had expected the BC ferries to be. More organized in the boarding, parking, and disembarking as well as the facilities onboard. Since we arrived early we were one of the first vehicles to board at the front with our own viewing platform right at the bow. 90 minutes later we arrived in Horseshoe Bay where is was windy but glorious.

We headed north on the Sea-to-Sky highway. We didn’t understand how it got its name until after the first kilometers. It was just stunning. There were numerous scenic turn-outs to take in the views. The water was glacier blue-grey. 

Our Airbnb waterfront cabin was a 5 minute walk to Shannon Falls and 15 minutes more by foot to the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. (see the photo with the yellow circle around the point for our exact location). The location and view was the reason to choose this airbnb. The interior was tired and not well appointed (see photo of stairs to the sleeping loft) but the views were spectacular. It was very windy for most of the time that we were there, but we enjoyed our private little deck built on a rock overlooking the bay. We even saw whales one morning while having our coffee!

After settling in to the cabin, we wandered across the street to Shannon Falls.  It was an easy but beautiful hike. 

Thursday, August 2nd
We spent an entire day up at the top of the Sea-to-Sky Gondola.

Take a close look at where I’m pointing in this photo and you’ll see the gondola.
This was just outside our cabin. 

We packed our lunch and planned all the hikes that we would do at the top. Though it was sunny, the issue for us going to the top of the gondola was the wind. There are days that they close the gondola due to the winds. It had been windy, and the forecast was for stronger winds to come. It’s not a pleasant ride when the winds are blowing! It was really blowing at the bottom when we rode up to the top but while hiking there was just a light wind. 
We hiked the Panorama Trail. The trail was aptly named as there were multiple platforms out over the edges of cliffs to take in the view of the valley below. 

the Wonderland Trail

and the much more difficult (and much less trafficked) Ridge trail. We had a difficult time finding the trailhead which was marked by a rope hanging from the top of the cliff down to the beginning of the trail. Hummm. Part of the trail were really, really steep. Our efforts on the difficult Ridge Trail were rewarded by incredible views including glaciers throughout! 

We finish off our incredible day by checking out a local craft brewery in Squamish. 

Friday, August 3rd
Today was supposed to be an easy 3 mile hike around a lake with a climb up to a scenic viewpoint. We took the wrong trail from the trailhead which resulted in a very grumpy Lisa as the first half was mostly using the hiking poles and sliding down on her backside. Once we were back on the correct trail the hike improved immensely. Such different plant life on the edge of the lake. 

Tomorrow we head to our furthest north destination Pemberton – Part 6