Paris – Part 2

We were pretty much adjusted to the time change by this morning. Which was a good thing as we had lots planned for today.   
We bought tickets in advance for the two exhibitions that were going on at the Grand Palais. The Grand Palais is one of our favorite venues in Paris.

We were very pleased to have reserved tickets when we arrived and saw the line for people without advance tickets! It was a two hour wait!

The red arrow is pointing to the back of Joe’s head. This was the line for people who HAD advance tickets! 

It was a wonderful exhibition. Here are a couple of our favorites…


We then walked across the Seine to eat lunch at a restaurant that we had wanted to try for a long time.

We were lucky enough to be crossing the bridge while a photo shoot was taking place. 

After lunch we returned to the Grand Palais for

We were beat. We rarely do 2 exhibitions in one day, but due to the few days that we had in Paris and the many exhibitions we wanted to fit in, we pushed. Glad we did. 

The gelato on Rue Cler on the way back to the hotel was very much appreciated. 

After putting our very tired feet up for a much needed rest when we got back to our hotel it was out to one of our favorite japanese restaurants… Hokkaido. During the past couple of years we’ve started to use the busses a lot more in our travels about the city. There is a bus stop right outside the door of our hotel that serves a number of lines. In one of the photos below Joe’s is pushing the call button for the bus that we want to travel on. There are also convenient USB charging ports for passengers that are waiting. Can you believe it? Each stop has a clearly marked bus number and below it an LED sign displaying how many minutes until the next one arrives at the stop. 

There’s always a line outside Hokkaido, but it moves quickly and it’s well worth the wait.