Pre-Muscat, Oman

We went to the destination lecture on Muscat and Oman. It was interesting to note the country is a huge producer of oil and natural gas. They are not members of OPEC. About 50% of the population are expats. Bangladeshis first, then Indians then Pakistanis. 85% of expats working in the country are men. They accept lower wages … which according to their country their salary is a fortune and send most of their wages home. 

The Sultan of Oman Qaboos took over from his 82 year old father and really turned the country around and the people adore him and what he’s done for their country.  The small peninsula at the tip of the Arabia that borders the straits of Hormuz is Oman though UAE cuts the middle of it. It was an issue of nomads that inhabited this very rough territory choice of country. The Musandam Peninsula is also called the Norway of Arabia. 

Since tomorrow we were going to come out of cruising in the dark, he showed us a map (note the 2008 date), of incidents in the Gulf of Aden. There were lots! Though I think now, because of the safety measures the cruise and shipping lines have put in place, there are little or no incidents. By now, the running in the dark, was getting very old and temperaments were getting short. I think Azamara put this practice in place because their ships are smaller than many of the ships that cruise in this area and thus more at risk of pirate attacks.