Returning Rosie to France

We had left Rosie, our 1991 VW diesel Golf, with Hil & Pete for the winter. We couldn’t have done this closing of the sale of JoLi’ Folie without their help! There was no way to have gotten all our personal effects we wanted to keep from the barge home without packing Rosie to the gills in the Fall.

I had thought/hoped that I would be able to sneak in the Grand Rederie d’Amiens that fell on the last Sunday of April in this trip to hand over the barge, but the weather was awful and rain and wind was forecast for the day of the brocante, so that sadly didn’t happen.

It was very odd driving down to our port of Cergy and not de-winterizing JoLi’ to sleep onboard. We stayed in a hotel near the port. The next day the new owners met us at the port and Joe went through the mechanical systems de-winterizing procedure while I went over the pink side of de-winterizing.

The new owners took us out to lunch and we were off to our new lives as non-barge owners. So many people have asked us if we were devastated or sad leaving JoLi’. Our response is, it was time. We had done everything we possibly would have wanted to do with the barge during the past 14 years, especially with the last 7 being moored just outside of Paris. Time to do something else in our life.

Chapter closed, without sadness, but rather great peace of mind, knowing how excited and over-the-moon the new owners were with our wonderful barge.