Thanksgiving 2015

With the Gerardin family growing from marriages and children, the need to share the holiday season with more family members we have decided to try the even/odd year “big gathering” method. Micaela and Chris with their two children have been alternating Thanksgiving and Christmas with each others families for a number of years now on the “even years”. So our thought was to dove-tail in to that and the odd years they could spend with their partners/spouses families and the even year they would gather with the Gerardins.

So, this year being an odd year was a small gathering (12) at Stevie & Gerry’s. Since our kitchen was pretty torn up I opted to do the turkey this year and Gerry would do the sides. We went down to Stevie & Gerry’s house on Wednesday so I’d have a full morning to work with Gerry prepping for the meal. It was a lot of fun prepping with Gerry. Can’t remember laughing so much over our little food-failures…and modifying others to make delicious treats for the family.

For the past years I’ve brined the turkey but this year I decided to try GARLIC-AIOLI ROASTED TURKEY WITH LEMON-PARSLEY AU JUS. Oh man was it fantastic!