Thanksgiving 2018

2018 being an even year was the grand Gerardin Thanksgiving gathering year. Since Stevie & Gerry’s kitchen was finally being remodeled we hosted the gathering at our house again. Sadly the Reno Frey Family was not able to attend. The littlest cousins (of which Natalie & David’s Lina is considered part of the family) had a great time playing with each other. 

Our living room once again was turned in to a massive dining room which worked perfectly. We are still so pleased with the extension construction. 

Plenty of nibbles prior to the traditional turkey dinner to allow visiting with everyone.

The courses were delegated, so no one (or two as is usually the case with Gerry & I) person had to do all the cooking.  

Serving it up…

Sitting down to enjoy…

Deserts, I think, were the favorite course. Especially for the littles, they came running from the TV room when they heard Happy Birthday being sung. There were lots of goodies to choose from. We celebrated Gerry and Julie’s birthdays. The only casualty of the gathering was our trusty coffee machine. It had been showing signs of failing and alas it started to smoke after the first cup of espresso. 

These bi-annual Thanksgiving family gatherings are so wonderful. Hopefully in November of 2020 we’ll have more to give thanks for as an entire family.