2016 was a busy year for us.
The extension remodel was completed in January.
We flew to London for Sophie’s wedding in February. 
We hiked and enjoyed our new home and the surrounding area. 
I discovered Ramekins cooking school in Sonoma. It was the beginning of a number of very enjoyable classes. 
Due to our location we were able to attend many family occasions.
We continued having the annual Gerardin birthday gathering in September which is always a lot of fun.
Due to the growing family, we also decided to make a change in our annual Gerardin Thanksgiving gathering. To allow partners families to host Thanksgiving gatherings at their homes, we have changed to the big Gerardin family gathering every other year on the even year. Usually these gatherings have been at Stevie & Gerry’s but since they were planning a kitchen remodel we hosted it at our house. 

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